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My Story, Reflection + Reclamation, in times of change

I don’t know about you, but this year has been a time of great reflection.  At this point in my life, when I am vulnerable again launching The Nest, it’s been a good opportunity to look back and work through where I’ve come from – and reflect on the journey that has brought me to this place.

The one thing that really stands out for me is that I’m really not the same person I was when I started my Yoga Teacher training way back in 2013, when I was living in far remote South Australia.

I am nothing like that person.  And I am grateful for that every day.

Back then I really wasn’t valuing myself and I wasn’t being true to myself either.  At the time, I thought that yoga was teaching all the Advancing Asanas in order to be a worthy teacher.  I think back on those times and realize how uncertain I was in my own skin, and in what I had to give to the community. 

As Sundara Yoga has evolved, there have been practices and teachings that I have walked away from. Over time I have turned my back on teachings that felt out of alignment with the vision and direction of Sundara, and I have become far more selective about who should be in the circle – part of the tribe.

Seven years on, with my personal life and Sundara flourishing we continue to grow and evolve.  Many of you know that I took an amazing life step last year during a global pandemic to travel and put down roots in a new part of the world in Panama.  

Just last week, we moved into an amazing property where I can’t wait to start producing new creative Yoga and Spirituality content.  Here are just a handful of photos, to show you what an amazing background our new sanctuary will create for our videos.

While this journey has been all-new, and exciting, and a steep learning curve for me. It has taken me away from many of you in Australia, who I love and cherish, and I know we are all feeling a bit disconnected from each other.

I have been craving the fellowship with my fellow women, and I know many of you have written to me and expressed these same sentiments.  While our current circumstances don’t allow us to get together I wanted to find a way we could meet online to rediscover some of that magic we feel when we all get together, and rekindle that sense of community.

I hope this is something you are yearning for as well. 

This desire has given birth to The Nest, which is our space to feel what needs to shift, especially as the wheel turns into Autumnal slowing, or for our sisters in the South, the spring of abundance and fertility.  

Wherever you are in this pandemic, I want you to know that I love and cherish you and want you to feel abundant, safe and protected… and most importantly I yearn for you to grow as a woman, as a person as a leader.  

I know that I am continuing to evolve and will be continuing to share this with my community within The Nest.  Apart from being able to get together in the community every month, you can also experience my teachings and you can experience a different and new level of creativity as I bring my classes to you online in a rewindable, re-watchable video format.

So I made this video for you.  It’s from my heart and welcomes you and talks to my vision for the Nest, what is coming and what our next Monthly Moon call is about. 

I hope you get the opportunity to join me in The Nest and experience the pleasure, creativity, and joy of being in the community.


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