5 things Yoga has taught me…..

What have I learnt from my practice? Is it the same as when I started my healing?

No. Its greater than the sum of it all!

Yoga like many self healing practices, saved me from my self. This sounds odd, but its transformative affects which keep me loved, nourished and able to offer my Yoga, my way. This is what I have learnt….

1. Flexibility is not about the physical, its about the mind. As a “abundantly built” person, I honour my physical strength and length. There are some aspects of the physical practice which aren’t available to my body and some which are. Am I at peace with that?  yes. Was I when I started on the journey,  no!. I entered my Yoga pathway through stillness and meditation. This allowed me to rest in my head and become nimble in my thoughts. When the mind is flexible so we become. Start with the mind. Your physical body will follow. It will become accustomed to lengthening because your breathe holds your mind still and your physical state becomes your thought.

2. Physical love, soul love and body love. I thought that I knew the meaning of love. As I reflect, I know I used my body as a weapon to seek the admiration of many lovers when in fact I was giving my love over to create a cycle of unworthiness, guilt and weight gain and depression. Yoga helps me to stay in love with me first. Loving kindness. Getting back in touch with my body and my feeling self is truthfully, the hardest, but the most rewarding part of my souls journey. Not only did I find contentment with what is, but my soul found its soul mate. My love, Bert.

3.Time – it doesn’t matter. I used to think that I had to practice at least 1 hour a day to “do” Yoga. But then, as you delve deeper time is just a moment. Moments create magic. Time transforms. Wait. Be patient. Develop kindness. Be present. Its taught me to always remain with that edge inward and if you rush or force it you aren’t being present and really in the moment. Transformation happens when we sit with time, feel uncomfortable, fall out of asana, achieve little steps forward. Time creates transition. Dont skip this step.

4. The power of Breathe. This. Is. It. When we tune into our rhythm we hear things, see things feel things. Breathe is life. Without breathe we have no life. It is what universally connects us. It sustains our focus. It helps us to carry forward. It settles us. Bliss

5. I have a body, I have a mind, I have a breathe. I can practice Yoga – And, so can you ! Once I got this, it all made sense. I lost the competition with myself to look, move and be a certain shape or size. I am me. I am a Yogi.

Nic xx


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