A note to myself

My Yoga – finding my path

Dear external world. I needed to move energy today as I was feeling stuck and worried and irritated, I chose a beautiful Vinyasa inspired by my mentor and goddess teacher Carrie Anne Fields from www.myhealthyoga.com. Carrie reminds me to remain in my body, and to use my body in its own magical and perfect way. To be honest, I didn’t come to “yoga” for movement or asana or to prove to myself or anyone that I could master Sirasana or Pigeon or talk about “yoga” over lattes. I have nothing to prove to anyone. Let alone conform to societies view of what people think a yogi looks like. We all have bodies. We have Yoga bodies.
I came to Yoga to heal a broken heart and a head that constantly chattered negative images of love, self and at times was destructive. This chatter also played out in my relationships with myself, my loved ones, men, alcohol and other distractions that I used to keep busy and move me away from actually dealing with my shit.
But now, 5 years into my healing, many times I get a little scared to come out of deep introspection and meditation, because I am fearful to open my eyes to the competitive and judgemental and busy world. Then when I trust myself, that I will be ok as I unite in celebration that the voices in my head are filled with words of grace, wisdom and peace. A buddhist meditation, based upon happiness, and the Mytree practice is one way I find a way to connect with my truth. In this way, its mantra, May I/we be




And live with ease

For this reason, I find it incredibly beautiful to remain in my stillness, with colour and light and let a wash of peace come over me – it’s like a warm hug from the heart that carries happy feelings, security and love and a grace that comes from authenticity and affecptance.It’s beautiful. 🙂

Whichever your “yoga”, you’ll find it.

Peace Angels

Nic xx


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