Self Portrait of the Yin

This is a self portrait. Raw. Exposed. Full. In my body. Shedding the autumn debris in preparation for the Crone season of Winter.

Bare boned. And ready.

And stepping into the regaining of our feminine, the re-union with shadow, itsn’t really talked about in spiritual practices.

No love and light here

When our energy is in balance it is a joyous and uplifting experience, but how often do we really allow ourselves as women to feel and experience true pleasure. And to experience this, means shedding. It means listening. It means the dark Yin. It means leaning into the shaowdy wells of death, grief, what needs to die, in order for balance to return.

We only have to look to nature to see her shedding in Fall, then as she enters the redundancy of winter, she works below the surface. to take stock, to renew in readiness for Spring bloom.

To visit Yin is to

See the The Moon in all of her phases

To feel the emotions, all of them

To express creativity

To birth life

To experience pleasure

To lean in, even when its painful, slowly and mindfully

Howl and whale!

To grieve and allow space for this

To commune with your wise ones

Use your voice


Soft rain

The dawn

Tingles and sensations on the skin

Wild one, roam with me?


Nic x




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