Yin Sights

Regaining our Feminine Power

True energetic Union. When our energy is in balance it is a joyous and uplifting experience, but how often do we really allow ourselves as women to feel and experience our true nature?

Yin (our divine feminine) and Yang (our divine masculine) cannot exist or co-exist without each other.  When thought of as one, we are either in balance, or depleted in one or the other, or abundant in one or the other. All energy is profound and unique to our time, our present moment our universal conce potion.

Yet for some of us, today’s western way of being creates struggle. The irony in all of this is that we are often seek the answers for balance or happiness outside of our self. In a world filled with doing, earning, consuming, wanting more and more, causes us to just keep up “appearances” – but in the end, it invariably causes discomfort, dis function and without even being aware, imbalance. This imbalance, particularly for career women is often fuelled by the masculine energy ego which tells us to be a certain way, to look a certain way or fit into the world view of a patriarchal society. This not only causes our divine female needs to seem unworthy, but often we are shamed into thinking we are soft, or unfocused.! Really it’s all a myth. But we have all viewed this world like this I am sure. I was one to experience imbalance, still do, but I am finding ways to nurture my goddess, through YIN Yoga.

Our Yin Yoga practice teaches us that in order to heal, we feel, in order to feel, we remain still, in order to remain still we give ourselves permission to be and do just that. We can restore balance through movement, breathe, stillness and honouring our divine body. We work deeper into connective tissues and meridians (chi energy flows), where sending breathe to heal with compassion and awareness is at its core, Yin. I use props and bolsters and cushions to nurture. I don’t resist. I let go, I hold asana (postures) for time, up to 5 minutes. What occurs is deeply profound when we are really to feel the release. It comes. It builds. The emotion is unsettling, but pure. Deep painful feelings from childhood, unworthiness, sadness, self talk, all come when you are ready. Stillness creates space to heal. Trust me !

When we come to realise that Yin is our earth and for each earth energy we have an opposite force to create harmony. There are many things around us which create Union of this vital energy on a physical or energetic realm – just like Yin (earth) our Yang (father sky), or Yin (Moon), or Yang (Sun), Yin (darkness) Yang (light), Yin (cold), Yang (Heat), we begin to unravel the beauty of the true nature of Yoga – balance.

To help you to understand your true Yin nature, think of Yin as the Goddess. That nurturing, divine soul that exists in all of us. She moves with grace, she nurtures , she creates, she rests, she feels, she is abundant in her love, she is accepting of love, she earths and treats Mother Earth as her own, only taking what she needs to express divinity in love – love for herself first and foremost.

This image is a self portrait, was a gift to me, from me. “Goddess of Earth, Goddess of Sky”. Peace. (Aarna Bartz is the artist :-).

I will be retuning to my Yoga teaching soon, but if you would like to get in touch about 1 to 1 healing, I would love to guide you on your personal YinSights journey. #sundarayogatownsville. Namaste

Sundara Yoga

Nic  ~*~

Sundara Yoga #sundarayogatownsville

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