Private One To One MENTORING

Private, individual spiritual mentoring

Private 1:1 mentoring in the Comfort of your own home

Now you can enjoy individual, personalised coaching and mentoring in your own home, around your life and commitments with your own personal instructor.

Our personalised Private 1:1 signature programs may be what your soul is craving.  Whether you want to improve your yoga, or have personal instruction in our signature program Awaken the Divine Feminine, your personal mentoring in this program can be tailored and delivered via Zoom call or Skype in your timezone. 

This support is best suited to women who are wanting to break through spiritually. You could also be a seeker wanting to delve deeper into nature based spirituality or Feminine Yoga.  If so, I am here for you Sister.

Deeper, connected, Personal Growth.

Private 1:1 Spiritual Mentoring is designed specifically with your needs in mind. These beautiful personal sessions include my wisdom, handouts plus your video recording – everything you will need to experience the deeper, connected personal growth.

Home delivered through your internet-connected device, these 1:1 instruction sessions allow for individualised mentoring and support based on your needs. 


Working together on
your Spritual growth

Our 1:1 Private Mentoring Packages delivered by Zoom, remote streaming or locally by arrangement.
You will need a device connected to the internet, along with your open heart.
You get to see me, as I do you.
I am totally available to help you to make the perfect decision.

Let me offer you a FREE complimentary discovery call so that we can talk about you your needs and if this is what will serve you best.
If you’d like a contact call prior to, or you have questions, please Book a Discovery Call


Our Virtual Yoga Studio offers Private 1:1 Yoga programs and clinics, with offerings in Yin, Meditation and Hatha Flow.

Sundara provides spiritual growth and feminine alchemy mentoring in signature 1:1 programs designed to elevate your purpose, keep you aligned and divinely in flow with your feminine nature. 

Body friendly. Sister friendly. Woman friendly.